Term Paper on Banking

Term Paper:

Banking is the process of the financial operations with money and valuable documents in the boarders of the financial institution – bank. With the development of the private property and monetary system, first banks began to appear whose main functions are loaning and depositing.

Banking is the most profitable organization, because it controls finance of all kinds and enormous sums of money are concentrated there. The role of banking can be judged from different sides: positive and negative.

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To begin with, banking is an advantage if one has much money and does not have where to keep them safely. Moreover, in the bank the money are not only kept safely, but work for an individual.

For example, if one deposits much money into the bank, he can give up job, because the monthly percent of his deposited money is so great that he can live on this percentage. Banks use money for various financial operations to accumulate capital and pay for the deposits with certain percents. Then, when one requires money for something, he can apply for a bank and borrow money there or take a credit for certain percent, which is very often high, because the bank should be on the safe side that one returns this sum of money. This is the negative side of banking, because the person who has borrowed money becomes a victim of this system and finally has to return the borrowed sum twice.

Today banks are considered to be the most complicated institutions, because their structure and functions they carry out are global and influence the lives of many people. In order to control such serious institutions one has to possess great management skills and knowledge of an expert. One has to know economics and management perfectly to make the bank function effectively. A successful term paper should be well-composed and perfectly analyzed. One will have to explain the meaning of banking, its functions, role for the society, its advantages and disadvantages. Then, one has to concentrate on the weak sides of banking and offer wise solutions to the problems connected with it to make this phenomenon more effective and useful for people.

When one is writing a term paper, he has to do much work, including collection of information for the research and organization of the paper. In order to collect reliable data one will need to read only trustworthy literary sources, which will be valuable for the research. Then, in order to compose a paper successfully, one will need to take advantage of free example term papers on e-banking located in the Internet. Every free sample term paper on money and banking is a good help to complete an original well-formatted paper and impress the professor.