Term Paper on Breast Cancer

Cancer Term Paper:

Breast cancer is the type of cancer which is characterized with the tumor on the milk ducts on the breast tissue of a woman. This type of cancer is one of the most popular forms in the world and its frequency is about 1:13 among women after 40. Moreover, it is the second most typical kind of cancer among all people after the lung cancer. The frequency of breast cancer has increased greatly from the 1970-ies and the most obvious reason for it is the poor ecological situation and increase of radiation which is the result of the careless human activity. Moreover, there is the idea that the frequency of breast cancer increased because of the altered lifestyle of people, because today fewer women feed their children with milk and this phenomenon influences the milk ducts negatively. In spite of the fact that breast cancer is a female disease more than 1% of male population of the planet suffers from it.

Breast cancer is the most well-known and well-researched type of cancer known since the ancient times. There many factors which can cause the disease among women and the most important and serious of them are: the first pregnancy after the age of 30; heavy smoking especially in the young age; obesity; diabetes; genetics; drug and alcohol abuse. Moreover, breast cancer can be caused by the certain medicine. The diagnosis of breast cancer is often a shock for a woman, because cancer is a serious disease and people have created an image in their minds which the disease which can not be cured. Fortunately, if one detects it soon, the chance of being cured is extremely high.

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A well-organized breast cancer term paper should possess strict structure, interesting and informative content and only reliable facts. A student who is investigating the topic is required to spend much time at the library and collect trustworthy up-to-date facts about breast cancer, its symptoms, methods of treatment, etc. One should explain the nature and the origin of the disease and present the factors which influence it. It will be only a plus if a student manages to create a list of the methods which will be effective enough to prevent and detect breast cancer sooner.

Writing a term paper is often a challenge for students, because very few of them are aware about the standards and ways of writing. The Internet opens wide opportunities for students and provides them with free example term papers on breast cancer prepared by the experienced writers. With the help of a good free sample term paper on breast cancer a student will complete a well-formatted and well-analyzed paper easily.