Term Paper on Business Process Reengineering

Process Reengineering term paper:

Business process reengineering is a fundamental rethink and analysis of the business processes in order gain the maximum effect in production and financial and economical activity of an organization which meets the requirements of the norms and documents. Reengineering is an important means of the improvement of the current condition of a business. The process of reengineering touches upon everyone in the organization and all the executives, managers and lower rank employees are supposed to take the active part in the analysis and creation of the best conclusions and solutions. Business process reengineering is achieved in two steps: first of all it is important to define the best or the desired condition of the business and then to analyse the current condition of the business and plan the process of reengineering and improvement logically. Evidently, in order to reach the desired goal one should create the detailed plan of the process of improvement and calculate times and all the expenditures and required materials and resources.

To begin with, there is a necessity to create a corporate strategy (here the desired goals should be marked). After that it is possible to calculate the required resources for the improvement and embodiment of the strategy. Next, one will have to analyze the current condition of the business and define its strong and weak sides which can help and on the contrary delay the process of reengineering. When the weak sides of business are detected, it is possible to start planning the possible ways and methods to improve them. When the process of reengineering is over, it is not the end, because the business will require constant monitoring and control for the further improvement and development.

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Business process reengineering is an essential part of the development of business, because the organization can not remain in the same condition and requires constant improvement, because business is a dynamic process which alters all the time. A good business process reengineering term paper is expected to explain the problem from all sides and define the core elements and requirements for the successful transformation of business. It is important to think about the steps and methods essential for the process and evaluate the relevance of the topic and conclude the paper wisely.

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