Term Paper on Human Resource Planning

Resource Planning Term Paper:

Human resource planning is the complicated process of the analysis of the quality and quantity of the workforce required for the fulfillment of the certain goal. Human resource planning can be called one of the core elements of the human resource management of the company, because on the step of planning the experts analyze the traits and skills which are required for the high-quality work. First of all the employer should think about the goals of his business and create a detailed business plan which would contain all the essential steps of the improvement of work and production.

According to this plan all the further steps will be planned and human resource planning is not the exception. The employer analyzes the required quantity of the workforce, the number of the required employees, their qualification and work experience. If the business is not a novice one but simply requires improvement, the employer analyzes the current condition of the company, its profit and cost of production and evaluates the quality of the employees’ work.

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When the current situation is analyzed the employer should think over the goals and expectations concerning the desired level of production and plan the necessary changes step by step. When the desired goals are set, it is time to plan the human resource and the management of the processes related with it: recruitment, management, training and development, etc. Human resource planning is closely connected with recruitment and selection, because the employer has to set the direct requirements suitable for the work, which every novice employee should fulfill if he wants to gain the job.

Human resource planning is the important activity of every company which wants to achieve success and manage its workforce wisely. Preparing a human resource planning term paper the student should pay attention at the collection of the trustworthy facts about the topic and analyze them professionally. A good term paper explain the process of human resource planning from all sides and mentions about its major elements, principles and approaches. The student should evaluate the importance of the skilful human resource planning and define the direct dependence of the success of the company on this planning.

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