Dogs Are Better Than Cats – Term Paper

Most people find it adorable and pleasant to have a pet. In fact, a pet is the best friend such people can have. However, it can be confusing for a person to decide the kind of pet to keep. Dogs and cats are commonly preferred for a cat. According to O’Neill (26), the debate about which pet is better between the two is always ongoing and controversial. Some people feel that having a cat for a pet is more adorable and satisfying as compared to having a dog. Conversely, other individuals feel that dogs are better than cats. Different reasons influence people’s choice of a pet. Given the facts about the two animals, dogs are better pets than cats.

Dogs are better than cats. Some people go through a hard time before they can make a decision on whether to settle for a dog or a cat as their pet. Most people do not get enough facts and information on the many benefits and privileges one accrues from a dog over a cat. Although cats are cute, dogs are more adorable.

According to (O’Neill 27) dogs are more intelligent than cats. Although the fact has been a debate for long, the simple most accepted theory is that the bigger the brain, the higher the intelligence of the animal. Since dogs have a bigger brain, then, they are more intelligent compared to cats. It is therefore possible to teach a dog how to do some things that may connect the dog to its owner allowing more interactions. Such behaviors include shaking hands and sitting. A dog can also be trained to do simple tasks such as collecting a mail or taking some small parcels. As a matter of fact, one can train a dog to do even more important tasks effectively. For example, police dogs are trained to do significant, sensitive and crucial roles. Dogs are also capable of helping people with disabilities while at the same time keeping them company. Interestingly a dog is capable of helping the owner when faced with danger.

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An ancient saying state that a dog is man’s best friend (Hache 7). The statement is true because dogs possess the quality of loyalty. A dog adores the company of their owners and it qualifies to be perceived as a family member. Dogs can easily change geographical location and homes as long as they stay close to the owner. On the other hand, a cat will occasionally disappear from the owner. At times when one has to move, it becomes troublesome to carry the cat and keep it. Most cats always try to go back to their original home even without their owner.

Some people are allergic to cat’s hair. On the other side, nearly no one is allergic to dogs. It is justified to say that having a dog is healthier as compared to a cat. Additionally, a dog is an outdoor animal. As such a dog helps people to adopt or maintain a healthy routine. In the company of a dog, one can take a walk, run or play ball games. These exercises are healthy and provide an excellent time for recreation and bonding with the dog.

According to Schreiber (200), some reasons why a person would consider having a cat as a pet include low costs, longer lifespan, and flexibility. An individual who chooses to have a cat for a pet incurs about 1/6 of the cost that a dog owner incurs. Also, a cat has a longer lifespan compared to a dog. A cat generally lives three to four years more than a dog does. A cat is also more flexible as compared to a dog. In fact, a cat can fall from a high level to the ground and only sustain minor injuries.  As a result, a person with a cat is likely to save much money that would otherwise have been used for hospital bills if they had a dog.

Cats are also known to be more independent than dogs. A cat fairly takes care of itself. It cleans itself; it is bale to dump wastes into a bin even without any training. Cats also have different personalities (Warren 4). One cat can be aggressive while other one can be reserved and peaceful. On the contrary, dogs appear to be of the same personality and share the same interests like running after a ball, hunting and playing. A cat will occasionally disappear and show up from time to time and hence they give the owner some free time, unlike dogs that are always present with the owner.

A dog is more adorable pet than a cat. A dog keeps the owner company, is loyal to the owner and takes care of the owner. When one has a dog they have a loyal companion and friend who will provide them will help and care and help them to keep fit.

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