Reflection Letter

It was my actions that have caused me all these mess and according to the lessons I have learnt in the Academic Integrity Seminar, I believe in high degree of integrity from today. My friend and I were caught cheating on quizzes and online tests. Unfortunately, our instructor caught us red-handed and we were referred to the Office of Student Conduct. My relaxed efforts on academics led me into all these mess. Instead of going to do more studies on previously learnt topics, my peers and would go to the clubs and any other place that we could have fun and forgot our academic roots were more important.

Only to find that had nothing to offer whenever there was an exam. That’s when my best friend would suggest that we improvise a way in which we can acquire high grades and achieve academic scholarship. The truth is that our efforts were imposing a great danger in my academic and personal life. This kind of incidences has also happened to my peers especially my best friend. To avoid such a circumstance occurring again in my life, I have decided to take my studies more seriously. Again, I have decided to make proper preparations in my studies prior to examination period or any other test and quiz. Eave also cited to avoid the bad groups or peers in the campus and choose a company with good academic morals. During the Academic Integrity Seminar, have learnt that I am only destroying my life. Am a person with great vision for my life, my county and the entire world. I don’t want to shun this away. My knowledge on ethics and integrity has gone a notch higher. Being able to know that ethics and integrity is part of my scholar achievement during my academic life, it’s an assurance that I will practice it both in college and after college. This lesson on integrity will go a long way in my life as I have to reactive even at work place.

Knowledge without ethics and integrity is harm to a scholar’s life. I went through all the modules in the integrity seminar and learnt that some Of us fall victims Of plagiarism knowingly or knowingly. We have to include citations in our term papers whenever we use work from other authors whether it’s from the internet or from any other public sources. We should not have the assumptions that the sources belong to the community. From now onwards, I will make sure that cite any reference that quote in my academic term papers and any life research papers I work on.

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