Term Paper on Computer Viruses

Viruses Term Paper:

Computer virus is a computer program or a harmful code, which can the ability to multiply and do a range of harmful for the computer operations. A virus is also able to start various processes in the computer which influence the operation system and other programs negatively. Even if the author or the creator of the virus has not planned certain actions of the program, the virus can cause problems because of the inability of coexisting with the certain type of software and the whole operation system. Evidently, there are thousands of hundreds of computer viruses in the world, which are spread with the help of the Internet. At first computer viruses were spread with the help of CDs and DVDs, but now primarily with the help of the web. There are many types of viruses which differ according to the type of the data they infect, the place and time of their functioning. For example, some computer viruses infect only the currently downloaded files; then, there are viruses which function only in the particular operation system (DOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Unix, etc.).

The primary function of viruses was entertainment. Amateur programmers enjoyed making chaos at the victim’s computer with the help of a virus, but now the creation of viruses has turned into a serious business. Because of the existence of various companies which produce antivirus software, the creation of viruses is sponsored by these very companies which just want to sell their product. Every day thousands of new viruses appear and online users have to improve the quality of their antivirus software in order to save their computers from attack, but it costs money.

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Computer viruses have become a big problem of our life, because nearly every day we become the targets of their attacks. A well-analyzed computer viruses term paper should be informative and interesting. One should explain the history of viruses, their purpose, their danger for the computer, etc. It is important to describe their types, the way they function and the ways they appear in the computer. Students should suggest some effective methods which can protect the PC from the virus attack and value what antivirus software can be considered the best one.

Many students do not know how to organize their term papers correctly, because the topic of computer viruses is quite broad and often controversial. Every term paper is complicated assignment which possesses its own structure, so students often apply for help in the Internet and take advantage of free example term papers on computer viruses with the intention to improve their knowledge on the problem. And they are right, because when one reads a well-composed free sample term paper on computer viruses written by an expert, he will manage to cope with the research of the problem and organization of the paper successfully.