Term Paper on Conflict Management

Management Term Paper:

Conflict management is the set of the activities and decisions which are aimed at the resolution of the conflict which has occurred at an organization. Speaking about business, conflict is a common problem there, because every employee has his own opinion about the proper ways of the development of the company. If the staff is big and there are several groups of employees which have the task to solve a certain problem, the conflict is inescapable. Everyone has his own vision of the problem and its solution, so the groups of employees and managers will strive to prove to the boss that their solution is a more appropriate one. Another type of conflict is called the interpersonal conflict.

That means a few employees who coexist at the office are not satisfied with such neighbors and they demand to give them a new workplace to move farther from each other. Such conflicts are extremely popular, because the people are too different to coexist at a single place peacefully.

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Nevertheless, a good manager should be able to resolve such conflicts and provide the employees with peaceful working atmosphere for the sake of the prosperity of the company. In order to solve the conflict a manager should analyze the cause of the problem, listen to the claims of both sides and suggest a wise solution. The best way to manage the conflict is to suggest a compromise in order not to hurt one of the sides. Furthermore, one should remember that every conflict is an emotional problem, so one should simply provide the employees with the healthy convenient working conditions and follow the advice of every employee.

The modern human society lives in the constant stress which provokes conflicts and a good boss should be able to resolve them professionally. A student who is interested in the problem can choose the problem for the analysis and explain the origin and reasons of conflicts in business and other spheres of human life. Moreover, one should analyze the types of conflicts and suggest the appropriate solutions to the different kinds of conflicts which occur at the organization. It is important to distinguish the effects of conflicts (positive and negative) and their consequences for business.

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