Term Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Term Paper:

Corporal social responsibility (CSR) is the concept which means the companies take into consideration the opinion of the society, employees and customers producing their goods and services. Corporate social responsibility is a positive thing, because if the general public is not satisfied with the quality of the production, the businessman should think over his actions and change the work of the company for the better. It is an advantage if corporations think about the health and opinion of the customers and try to produce high-quality and ecologically save products.

Corporate social responsibility is more a moral concept than the control of the government and that means that businessman think not only about profit but well being of his clients. It does not worth mentioning that there are critical opinions concerning corporate social responsibility.

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Critics guess that companies which claim being worried about the health and satisfaction of customers simply advertise themselves in such a way applying to the emotions of customers. Furthermore, behind peaceful and sincere intentions to satisfy customers can be hidden the simple desire for profit. For example, a company claims to produce ecologically safe goods but in reality uses ordinary cheap materials which are often harmful for health.

Corporate social responsibility is quite an important factor for the development of business and improvement of the quality of its production. Young people who decide to research the topic of corporate social responsibility will need to read much to analyze the problem from all sides and understand the principles and key points of the problem. There are many books, periodicals which describe the topic in detail and provide students with trustworthy facts from the real life in the form of the business cases which touched upon this topic. A student should research the concept and select all its possible advantages and disadvantages and present reasonable conclusions about it. Besides it is possible to give students a chance to offer some ideas which will be effective enough to provoke businessmen raise their sense of corporate social responsibility.

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