Term Paper on Social Movements

Paper on Social Movements:

A social movement is the type of the collective and public unities, the attention and activity of which is focused on the direct political and social issues. Social movements are also the organized and controlled collective efforts which are aimed at the certain social changes. The modern Western social movements have their beginning in the USA in the late 19th century. The factors which played the important part in the development of the movements were the increase of the quality of education, the access to education and the increase of the useful information and ideas which are important for the change of the certain social issues and their improvement. In addition, which the development of the democratic values, freedom of thought and word, economic independence and technological development, social movements have become frequent and influential in the society. Social movements are studied in sociology, economics and political sciences. The latter connects social movements with the creation of the political parties, their ideology and the success of their development. In general, social movements are divided into the radical and reform movements.

The reform movements are supposed to introduce the certain changes into the certain sphere of life (for example, improve the quality of work at factories, educational reforms, police reforms, etc.), while the radical movements are expected to change the whole system of life and build the life in the society according to the different norms, economic and political system. It is obvious that all the developed countries have reached their success due to the numerous social movements which acted radically in order to provide everyone with the favourable conditions of life and freedoms.

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When the student decides to start writing social movements term paper, he has to read about the topic much and learn about the social issues and various movements connected with them. The student should describe the meaning of the term, define the most favourable examples of the social movements of different types, present the cause and effect of the movements, dwell on the disciplines which study the movements form various points of view. The student is expected to classify all possible existing social movements and try to think about the positive and negative sides of their work.

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