Term Paper on Labor Relations

Relations Term Paper:

Labor relations is the study which investigates the cause and effect of various problems on the workplace, the relations between the employer and employees and various labor movements. The labor issues have become relevant with the process of industrialization. After the industrial revolution the workers became united into the special committees, movements and groups which struggled for their rights and the improvement of the conditions of work. It is obvious that the 19th century could not provide the working class with the positive conditions but the movements managed to win at least the humane attitude and reduce the working hours. With the run of time and with the growth of the respect towards the human life labor relations have become more specified and well-structured. The working class has the influence on the development of industry and its strongest method of impact is a strike. Employers have to pay attention to strikes, because they fear to lose money. So, they fulfill all the demands and employees receive the appropriate condition of work, the adequate working hours, health insurance, etc.

Of course, all these things would be impossible without the well-organized labor movements and various labor organizations. Labor relations has become a serious academic study and there are certified experts in this field who study the labor issues from all sides and learn about the possible methods to find a compromise between employers and employees. Nowadays labor relations are closely connected with the issues of human resource management and touch upon the proper organization of work and protection of the employee’s rights.

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Labor relations are the important relations which dictate the current situation on the global employee market. If the student wants to dwell on the problem of labor relations, he should read about the issue a lot and collect reliable facts which would be helpful in the process of analysis.

The student should explain the meaning of labor relations, classify their types, focus on the major problems the relations face and pay attention to the historical development of the problem. One is expected to present a detailed description of the question and select the most worthy points for the analysis. In the end the student is to evaluate the influence of the labor relations on the modern world and predict the further condition and models of labor movements.

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