Term Paper on Social Classes in America

Classes in America Term Paper:

Social classes in America is quite a difficult and a bit controversial topic for the research, because the modern understanding of this issue is quite simple – officially the society is not divided into the certain classes and all people are equal. Of course, there is another understanding of this problem which claims that the society is divided into the rich upper class, middle class and poor class.

This understanding is quite an old one and exists for hundreds of years and frankly speaking such a model remains even today. This simple model of three classes has been seriously improved and explained by the leading sociologists and they divide every class into the several subclasses. The rich class is understood as the upper class which has a strong impact on the life of the state due to their capital and authority.

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The middle class is divided into the two subclasses: the upper middle class and the simple middle class. The upper middle class is characterized with the university education and high opportunities.

The simple middle class is understood as the core of the every country, because it is the most numerous class the representatives of which have college education and work at the offices. The lowest class is the poor class which is characterized with low income, social problems, unemployment, addiction and very often involvement into crime. This broader model of social classes explains the diversity of the classes in the US and this model is also a typical model of Western civilization.

Social classes in America is an interesting and thought-provoking issue topic for the research. The student is able to learn a lot about the problem and prepare a worthy term paper which would contain informative and interesting facts. One should observe the problem form the point of view of the representatives of every class to describe their life and problems they face. One is able to dwell on the different sides and approaches towards the issue of the US social classes and one should support the facts with the reliable evidence and connect the facts with the history. Finally, the student should evaluate the facts objectively and present his own point of view about the issue.

The student is able to cope with a challenging term paper only if he follows a few pieces of advice of the Internet, otherwise the young professional completes the paper with the invalid structure.

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