Term Paper on Cost of Capital

of Capital Term Paper:

From the point of view of the financial investment cost of capital is the sum of money which is returned to the investor by the company in case he requires it. Naturally, the business can not be founded without serious investments and nowadays the practice is extremely popular among the novice businessmen.

The practice of investing appeared and developed in the 20th century when numerous bright minds invented the ways of making money, but all they required was the starting capital or the investor’s finance. If the business is perspective and looks reliable, the investor pays a lot and the number of investors is quite big. The major aim of every investor is to make more money than he has donated.

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For example if one spent thousand dollars, he wants to earn at least two. The principle of investment works directly according to this model. The cost of capital is the equivalent of the invested money after the certain time of the work of the business. This equivalent is generally much higher than the invested sum, so many investors of the prosperous companies make millions of dollars in some time.

There are examples, that the investors of the prestigious leading corporations, who have invested no more than $50, found out that their shares are equal to millions of dollars and they have become quite rich people. Of course, the cost of capital in different companies is different and depends directly on their profit, rates of production, position on the market and other factors.

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