Term Paper on Cotton

Term Paper:

Cotton is the fiber of the plant origin which covers the seeds of Gossypium. When the plant is ready for cultivation the experts take the seeds to the special factories which separate the fiber and the seeds. After that the fiber is divided according to its length: long, medium and short which are used in different kinds of cloth. Nowadays cotton is the cheapest and high-quality fiber which is thin, solid and hygroscopic. The plant used for the production of cotton grows in tropic and subtropical belts in India, Africa and Americas. The people of these regions noticed the qualities of this plant more than 7000 years ago. People produced clothes made of cotton widely and this fact is proved by the archaeological excavations conducted on the territory of India. It is interesting than cotton had not been known in Europe by the end of the medieval times or the 15th century.

After the discovery of America and the increase of the import of the American products the origin of cotton was a great surprise for the Europeans, because they could not believe the clothes could be made of plant.

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Due to the Industrial revolution in Great Britain cotton became its main product for export in the 18th century. Britain took cotton in India and transported in for the production by sea. In fact, it was too long to transport cotton from India, so Britain decided to transport it from the US, because the quality of the American cotton was much higher than of the Indian one and it took less time to carry it to the British Isles.

Today cotton is the major source of clothes, because it is not harmful for the human health and the cost of its production is very low. In fact, it is known that with the development of the genetic engineering and modifications cotton is influenced by it heavily in order to increase the rate of its growth, so there are two kinds of cotton today: genetically modified and organic cotton. Cotton term paper is the serious research of the suggested topic and explanation of its major principles.

The student should describe the origin of cotton, the way of its production, the spheres of its use and the cost of its production. In addition it is interesting to learn about the historical background of the production of cotton in the ancient world.

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