Term Paper on Culture

Term Paper:

The term of culture has got an extremely broad meaning, but the most general one sounds like the set of the human activity in all its variants. A great number of disciplines study the problem of culture, for example, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, pedagogic, economics, etc. and the term has its own meaning in every existing discipline. The most true to life and logical explanation of culture is: it is the complex of various forms of the human activity, skills, knowledge, world view, self-expression and behavior accumulated in the process of the development of the human society.

Culture is closely connected with the traditions of the country. In this aspect culture includes customs of the ethnic group, its specific points which belong to the certain group of people. The traditions and customs of the ethnic group help understand to what culture this group belongs.

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Every culture has its own points which can not be found in any other culture, for example, if we pay attention to the clothes, customs and world view of the eastern part of the world, we will never find any similarities in these points with the western culture. Culture is also defined as the correct formal type of behavior and the term ‘cultural’ has got the synonym ‘well-bred’. Evidently, every culture is different, as there are different codes and norms of behavior and it is extremely difficult to a foreigner to get used to the cultural peculiarities of the country he stays in.

Culture is the broad term and it has always been the important topic for discussion. There are hundreds and thousands of cultures in the world, because nearly every country has got its own set of norms and codes important for the life in the society. When a student is asked to prepare a good culture term paper, he will need to spend much time defining and explaining the term and relating it to the all possible disciplines which study it. A student is supposed to present a detailed description of the term, explain the key points and components of culture, the problems culture faces now and possible ways out of these problems.

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