Term Paper on Data Mining

Mining Term Paper:

Data mining or intellectual data analysis is the term which means the complex of methods which are used for the identification of the earlier unknowns, non-trivial, practically useful and available for interpretation knowledge, which are necessary for the process of decision making in different spheres of human activity. The term was introduced in 1989 and has become widely used since then. On the basis of the method of data mining there are various methods of classification, modelling and predicting, based on the use of the decision tree learning, artificial neural network, genetic algorithm, evolutionary programming and content-addressable memory. Moreover, there are statistic methods which are used to collect information for the profound analysis of the found data.

On the other hand all the statistic methods can not be called full-right methods of data mining, because they do not meet the requirements of data analysis providing certain prior knowledge about the data (the idea of data mining is the discovery of the unknown information, which simply can not be provided by statistics). The experts in data mining should be good at mathematics and probability theory in order to manage to discover the brand new information about something. The process of data mining in practice is based on the probability of the existence of unknown data in the database. The hidden knowledge or unknown data is the information which has sense for interpretation, has practical use and is non-trivial and has never been mentioned about anywhere before.

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When one is asked to prepare a data mining term paper, he will need to work hard to catch the idea of the topic and understand its effectiveness for the humanity. Data mining is extremely useful in sciences, especially physics, when due to the spontaneous calculations new theories can appear. So, if one wants to succeed in term paper writing, he will have to explain the meaning of data mining, write about its origin, historical background, the factors, which provoked it, the methodology and its purpose. A student should speak about the principle and structure of the process of data mining and demonstrate the direct examples of the information which has been caught due to the methods of data mining.

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