Term Paper on Machine Learning

Learning Term Paper:

Machine learning is the broad branch of the artificial intelligence, which studies the methods of the creation of the algorithms, which can learn on the basis of the received information. There are two type of machine learning: inductive and deductive. Inductive machine learning is based on the discovery of the regularities in the empirical data. Deductive machine learning is a simple analysis of the data by the experts and its introduction into the machine in the form of the knowledge or database. Deductive learning is closely connected with the expert systems, which analyze data on the basis of the research and management if a human expert. Machine learning is connected with a range of disciplines, for example, mathematical statistics, mathematical optimization, discrete mathematics, etc but also has its own peculiarities connected with the problems of the effectiveness of calculations and overfitting.

A great number of methods of the inductive learning have been worked out as an alternative to the classical statistic approaches. Certain methods are related with information extraction and Data Mining. The principle of work of machine learning is easy, as there are many question and answers and there is a task to make the machine ‘understand’ the slight dependence of the answers on questions and with the help of the algorithm choose the right answers to the questions. The practical value of machine learning is immense, because it can be used in various spheres of human life: speech recognition, gesture, handwriting and image recognition, technical and medical diagnostics, bioinformatics, financial monitoring, stock market management, etc.

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Machine learning is the important branch of artificial intelligence which enables solve various logical problems for people and can be successfully applied in statistics. In order to complete a good machine learning term paper one should read about the problem a lot and learn about all its slight moments. The student should explain the topic from all sides, present the types of machine learning and describe them, analyze the principle of functioning of machine learning and its practical value for the humanity. One can evaluate the current condition of machine learning and make a prediction concerning its further development and impact on the human society.

Many students face problems while writing their term papers, because not all of them are aware about the rules and requirements of the professional academic writing. The Internet can be of good help in this case, because one is able to find a free example term paper on machine learning and understand the way of its writing. On the basis of a good free sample term paper on machine learning a student can learn about the right formatting and composition of the paper and the best research approach towards the topic.