Term Paper on Quantitative Methods

Paper on Quantitative Methods:

Quantitative methods of the research are the methods which use the advantages of statistics and percentage for the research of a certain problem or phenomena. Quantitative methods are extremely important in every research paper which is connected with social studies, business and sciences. Evidently, it is quite difficult to apply quantitative methods in arts and literature but there are cases when this connection is quite possible. So, nearly every research paper on economics, psychology, sociology, marketing, history, geography, etc is required to possess quantitative methods which provide valuable statistical evidence of the certain phenomenon. In this case numerous disciplines are connected with mathematics, because the quantitative methods are based on the special theories, hypothesis and various mathematical models which are applied on every sphere of human life and every discipline.

It is quite obvious, that quantitative methods can be used only in the narrow research, because if there is a broad topic, it will be impossible to apply the same theory or model on numerous related points and problems of the major topic. Quantitative methods provide the expert with the direct information from the real life about the certain case and enable to analyze it scrupulously. Research is valuable and sensible only if it contains facts and these direct facts are provided by statistics and percents, graphs and tables provided by the quantitative methods of the research. Moreover, due to the existence of the direct data one can analyze the problem further and apply the so called method of data mining suggesting the hypothesis and looking for the answer in numbers.

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Quantitative methods are extremely helpful for the solution of numerous problems and the quality of the research often depends on the reliable statistical data and calculations. A good quantitative methods term paper should include a brief description of the problem, explanation of the nature and structure, elements of the quantitative methods and evaluation of their importance for the quality of the research. It is important to demonstrate the broad area of application of the quantitative methods in various disciplines and define their relevance and usefulness. Furthermore, the student can insert a few examples of the problems which require quantitative methods as the major research approach.

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