Term Paper on Dreams

Term Paper:

A dream is an image, or event, complex of sensations which occur during the process of sleeping.

Evidently, when one falls asleep, he will definitely see certain dreams of different types, meaning and emotional value. When a person experiences constant stress, she will see unpleasant dreams which are connected with negative images and emotions, like disgust and fear. Besides, there are people who claim they do not see any dreams, but it is not true, as everyone sees them, but just does not remember. There is a possibility that people who do not remember their dreams sleep well as their brains relax with the whole body.

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Everybody knows that after the night of a great number of dreams you get up tired and want to sleep further. Since time immemorial people have been trying to explain the nature and the meaning of dreams, why and what for they occur. The ancient philosophers tried to explain the meaning of dreams and created special schemes and tables, counted and thought over hundreds and hundreds of variants of good explanations in order to provide people with true to life information. Psychologists continued the job of the philosophers and tried to find the connection between dreams and human psychics. For example, they compared the dreams of many people ill in certain diseases and found some common features and as a result they proved that dreams are based on human character, fears, emotions, feelings and hidden desires.

Dreams can be called one of the most interesting and fascinating abilities of human brains. No wonder, people believed that dreams are the doors to the parallel worlds and some people even can see future in their dreams and can protect others due to their ability. A good term paper is supposed to reveal the problem under research from all sides, explain the nature of dreams, why they appear and what they depend on. Students have to read a lot to realize the structure of dreams, get to know about the theories of dreams, methods used to explain the meaning of dreams, etc. Generally, the paper is aimed at the profound research of the question and students should devote enough time to investigate the background of the problem and analyze its all aspects.

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