Term Paper on Facilities Management

Management Term Paper:

Facilities management is the complex of different spheres, technologies and human resources which cooperate together to maintain the quality of work of an organization. Every organization, public or private, a school, a supermarket or a hospital occupies a place, uses energy and works.

In order to ensure the high-quality of the work and maintain its safety facilities management should be on the highest level. A facilities manager should keep an eye on the working conditions, the condition of the building, the systems and technologies located there. For example, he is responsible for the safety and health care at the organization; he should check whether the equipment works well and does not threat the employees’ life. He should maintain the fire safety, so that to make sure the building and fire protection systems are able to stand fire and award employees with enough time to escape from that place.

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The manager should test and inspect the security of the organization and make sure security systems work well and the equipment and wares will stay secure. Well-organized facilities management system can ensure the organization with very fast recovery after a certain incident, for example, fire, disorders with machinery, problems with energy supply or heating. Every organization should have an extra building which can temporary serve as its headquarters.

So, facilities management helps to maintain order and safe working atmosphere at the organization of all types. The safety requirements may differ according to the kind of an organization, for example an accident at the factory and plant is more dangerous for people and environment than an accident at a small store, so the protection of the first should be a bit more intensive. A student who has decided to prepare a term paper will need to explain the meaning of facilities management, its types, tasks, methods of management and its importance for the organization. One should analyze the problem in detail and think over about the strong and weak sides of facilities management and offer smart solutions to the existing problems related to this kind of management.

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