Term Paper on Management Information System

Information System Term Paper:

Management information system is the system which provides organizations with high-quality data aimed at the improvement of its functioning. Nowadays it is impossible to develop business without management information system, because without this service the work of the organization will be chaotic and less effective. Due to the help of a well-organized management information system it is possible to accumulate enough valuable data helpful for the work, inform employees about the success and failure of their work, inform employees about the urgent important decisions and solutions, policy of the company, schedule of the working day, instructions concerning the working conditions, tips which inform employees how to behave in stressful and unpredictable situations, etc. Moreover, information systems provide employees and managers with the information about the strategy of the company, its facilities, financial situation, its problems and success.

The key elements of management information system are: information (important data valuable for the work and existence of the company), software and hardware (without computers and other appliances it is impossible to exchange and manage data and use it for various purposes) and well-educated experts. The last component is very important, because without a well-trained experienced team of managers it is impossible to manage the system and its components presented above. The professionals in the sphere do much essential work, like managing the information which influences the quality of the decision making, organizing the data in a good logical and systematic order and evaluation of the data according to its importance and usefulness.

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When a student starts writing a management information system term paper, he should know that he is expected to conduct a deep research on the topic to study it from all sides. First of all, he should look through a great number of the useful sources to collect quality data for the research.

Then it is possible to analyze facts and draw certain conclusions on the basis of the gained knowledge. In order to succeed in writing one will need to explain the meaning of the term ‘management information system’ and present its value on the example of various spheres of human activity. It is the advantage if one manages to find the positive and negative sides in management information system and express the personal idea towards the question.

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