Term Paper on Fast Food Automation System

Food Automation System Term Paper:

Fast food automation system is the complex of actions and policies which are aimed to make the process of the production of food and all the related services at the fast food restaurants faster, cheaper and easier. Fast food restaurants are proud to be able to make cheap and nourishing food at a moment’s notice. It is obvious that the chain of fast food restaurants is very big and a great number of companies try to win the leading place in this business. In order to achieve success wise businessmen try to brainstorm new methods to raise the effectiveness of production of food and to make marketing faster and more convenient. The latest ideas which are supposed to help the process faster are automation system. Machines are going to make hamburgers, hot-dogs, etc. except of employees and raise the speed of production. Besides there is a possibility to order meals with the help of computers located at the restaurant or nearby.

There are many advantages of fast food automation system. More time will be saved, more meals produced and sold and as a result the profit will be much higher. Then, the production will be hygienically cleaner, because machines are considered to be more accurate than certain employees. On the other hand, the automation system has a range of disadvantages. First of all there is the problem of unemployment which will be very serious when people are replaced by machines. Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their job and it will be a big stress for the governments. Then, there are multitasking employees who are very qualified and support whole restaurant and their lack will damage business seriously.

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A student who is asked to complete a term paper will need to read many articles about fast food automatic system to understand the meaning of the innovation, its structure, types and methods. One should realize the parts of the system, the services which will be carried out automatically. It is important for a student to think about the positive and negative sides of automation system and finally present his own point of view about the problem and prove it with trustworthy evidence.

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