Term Paper on Global Warming and Its Effects

Warming and Its Effects Term Paper:

Global warming is the process of the constant gradual increase of the annual average temperature on the planet. The scientists have been speaking about global warming process for the latest twenty years and they are looking for the effective ways out of the existing problem. For more than half of a century the temperature has been rising and the tempo of the rise increases every year. The main factors which influence global warming process are connected with the human activity, but there are also the natural ones which can not be controlled by people. The natural factors are simple. First of all, the climate in the world gets milder because of the planet itself. Centuries ago there was a cold cycle and the average temperature was lower but from the 18th century the planet has been getting warmer.

Another idea connected with the global warming is the energy of the sun. The sun has become active recently releasing energy in great amounts which causes warming of our planet. On the other hand it is obvious that human activity is the biggest factor which causes the increase of the average temperature. People produce and burn oil, gas and coal in great amounts which heats the atmosphere increasing the temperature. Moreover, because of the air pollution the greenhouse effect appears, which is the main factor of global warming. The most obvious effect of global warming is the melting of the ice on the poles of the planet which lead to the increase of the sea level. As a result vast territories will be under water. Then, because of deforestation and high temperature vast lands will turn into deserts leaving less space for agriculture and normal life. Many species of animals, birds, fish and plants will disappear because of high temperature and new conditions for life.

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A successful global warming and its effect term paper is expected to be informative, thought provoking and logical. A student should explain the global warming process in detail, providing reliable facts and the results of the research of the professionals. A student should research the topic well and analyze the results of global warming for the planet and for everything which lives there. Moreover, a student is expected to brainstorm a few effective methods which will be at hand in the solution of this problem.

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