Term Paper on GPRS

Term Paper:

General Packet Radio Service is a standard of cellular communication which is used for the transmission of information in the 2G and 3G systems. GPRS is used in mobile devices for the transmission of MMS, WAP surfing and quality connection to the Internet. There are several classes of GPRS, which are suit to the definite types of devices. There are twelve classes of GPRS. The higher class of GPRS is – the better connection to the Internet the telephone can provide. There are many advantages of the GPRS standards: high average speed of the transmission of information; the tariffication of GPRS services does not depend on the time and duration of connection; the connection is quick and stable; the possibility of the simultaneous mobile communication and SMS exchange without the break of the GPRS connection; the reduction of the waste of energy of the device when it is connected to the Internet with the help of GPRS.

The packet GPSR is quite useful and convenient because it can coexist with all possible modern protocols of cellular communication and the packet is divided into several channels which enable several users simultaneously use them. Of course, the quality of the connection depends on numerous factors: the quality of the network; the quantity of the users and possible overloading of the network and it spoils the connection seriously; the quality of the telephone or the device (the number of channels which one device can support); the quality of the scheme of the channel coding.

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GPRS is one of the modern standards of cellular communication which is still used in 3G systems. The student who is asked to prepare an interesting term paper should collect much information about the issue and observe the problem from all possible sides. One is supposed to explain the meaning of GPRS; the structure and elements of this standard; effectiveness of its work; the history of its creation and the connection with different protocols of cellular communication. The student is supposed to learn about the principles of the functioning of GPSR on the definite examples and evaluate the problem objectively predicting the further development of the standard.

The assignment of a term paper is a challenge for every student, because the paper is big-in-volume and consumes much time and nerves. The most effective method to cope with the assignment is to read a free example term paper on GPRS in the Internet and observe the manner of writing, the research approach, the comparison of the facts and the right composition of the paper.

The inexperienced student should look through a free sample term paper on GPRS and find the answers to all the questions related with writing.