Term Paper on Hacking

Term Paper:

Hacking is the use of the Internet technologies and computer software for the unlicensed access to any sort of data located at a server or a network. Hacking is quite a new phenomenon, which appeared not long ago and developed along with development and improvement of the Internet, computer technologies and computer software. Today all the important information of every company is kept in the local network or the servers of the company or simply in the Internet but the access to this data is available only for the employees of the company and only they are supposed to have the right and to know the password to gain access to the data. Unfortunately, it is not so save to keep the data in the electronic format, because there are professionals who are able to steal it from the company’s server.

Every company has rivals who want to steal its concepts and plans, so experienced managers should be always ready to the hacker’s attack; so that a person, a programmer who uses computer software and strong programs to intrude into the network of the target company and steal the required data. Hackers can be of two kinds: hackers for profit and hackers for entertainment. The latter are not so dangerous, because they break down the websites of public and private organizations for fun and the result of their “work” can be restored easily. The hackers for profit are dangerous for the simple reason: they intrude into the network and servers and steal the data which can be used later themselves or just sold to the company which requires it.

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Hacking is very widespread phenomenon today and there are attempts to reduce their activity with the help of the network security systems, but this protection is not always helpful, if the hacker is a professional programmer. If a student is asked to prepare a successful term paper on the topic, he will need to read much to improve his knowledge about hacking, its types, categories and methods.

One will be shocked when finds out about the interesting methods of hacking and supports his paper with the reliable evidence and real cases on hacking of different types.

In order to draw wise conclusions and construct an interesting and logical paper one will have to find a good example of term paper writing in the Internet prepared by an experienced writer. A free sample term paper on ethical hacking is a good variant of a successful paper a student can base his work on. If one reads a free example term paper on computer hacking in the web, he will see how to format and analyze the paper of this kind correctly and will surely succeed in writing.