Computer Hacking and Ethics Term Paper

Hacking and Ethics Term Paper:

Computer hacking is a serious problem of the modern civilization. Information has become the most valuable and expensive resource, so there are many people and organizations which want to steal certain information for their own profit. Generally, information which touches upon the functioning of various organizations (business, political, military, etc) is concentrated in the numerous servers in various networks. It is obvious that if the information is important and private, any third person is allowed to intrude into the network and observe this data without punishment.

Hackers are the people who manage to break the security of the networks and intrude into the servers and databases which include the desired information. It does not worth mentioning that hacking is a crime, because the stealth of information is punished by the law.

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Nevertheless, there is a term ethical hacking which tries to combine hacking and ethics, when the illegal intrusion into the network is committed on purpose. In order to improve the security system of the networks many organizations hire professional hackers who try to break the security system of the company. If they manage, there is a signal for the company that the security system should be improved considerably. On the one hand hacking and ethics can be observed in the one row but on the other hand the method is not effective, because there is always a better and more professional hacker who will manage to intrude into the network without any problems. Furthermore, hacking is a crime, so one can not speak about ethics in this case.

Computer hacking and ethics are two controversial points which can not be combined, but there are cases when ethical hacking becomes really useful and effective for the development of security systems. A good term paper on computer hacking and ethics is supposed to explain the topic from all sides and focus on its core points. A student should analyze the connection of the two terms ‘hacking’ and ‘ethics’ and find out about their relation and present the results on the direct cases from the real life. One should focus on the methods of the research and the sources used for the analysis of the topic in order to complete a high-quality and effective paper.

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