Term Paper on Hypertension

Term Paper:

Hypertension is the permanent increase of the arterial blood pressure which rises to 140/90 mmHg. Generally, the majority of cases of hypertension are connected with the presence of the essential hypertension (about 90-95% of frequency). The other factors which cause hypertension are kidney diseases, neural diseases, stress and pregnancy. Moreover, hypertension can be the result of the impact of the certain prescribed medicine, for example oral contraception.

Hypertension is widely observed among the women who suffer from obesity, because the heart is overloaded with work and can not function well. Then, hypertension is a common disorder of the heavy smoking and mature women. It is obvious that if the prescribed medicine causes problems with the blood pressure, the patient should consult a doctor and probably stop taking it.

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Generally, hypertension is considered to be the most widespread heart diseases and more than 30% of the grownups of the world suffer from it. Fortunately, today it is possible to cure the disease with the help of the two general methods: the change of the lifestyle and taking special medicine.

The fist one is easier and probably more effective, because the disease depends on the life people lead. First of all the patient should keep to a diet (reduce consumption of salt, fat and fried food), balance the processes of work and rest, normalize the physical activity, normalize body weight, give up smoking and drinking alcohol and cope with constant stress. When the lifestyle is changed, it is possible to take the medicine which would reduce the blood pressure and would gradually normalize it.

It does not worth mentioning that a successful hypertension term paper should be informative, interesting and should explain the topic from all sides. A student should research the nature of hypertension, find out about its cause and effect, symptoms and methods of treatment. Much work should be done to answer to all the key questions related to the problem. It is smart to introduce several cases of hypertension from the real life and compare the type of the disease on the different examples, where the reason of hypertension is different. Finally, one should conclude the paper well and share his ideas about the methods which can help people prevent the disease or reduce its impact.

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