Term Paper on Inclusive Education

Education Term Paper:

Inclusive education is the type of education which is characterized with total accessibility of education for all children and the adjustment of the education process to the skills and level of intelligence of children. In simple words inclusive education is the new type of education which pays attention to the requirements and expectations of every child, no matter if he is a talented or the ordinary one. Moreover, inclusive education is the chance for the disabled children to study with the common children in one class. The creators of the inclusive education are against of the special schools and classes for various types of children making the single educational area for everyone.

There is a list of the core principles of the inclusive education: all children are equal and every child is valuable no matter what level of intelligence he possesses; every human can feel and think; every person has the right for communication, attention and his own point of view; all people need one another; education is possible only in the relation between students and teachers; all people require support and friendship; diversity improves all sides of the human life.

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There are many advantages of inclusive education, because the cooperation of the common healthy children with the disabled children broadens their horizons, communicative skills, experience and numerous humane traits. However, there is shortage of the specialists who are able to provide this kind of education, because the majority of teachers are trained for the work in the common schools where children are divided into the groups which suit to their level of intelligence.

Inclusive education is quite a useful but controversial kind of education and there are many opponents of it, though it has become quite widespread all over the world. When a student wants to improve his knowledge on inclusive education and its aspects, he can choose to research it for the term paper. A well-organized inclusive education term paper should inform about the meaning of the term, the core principles of inclusive education, its strong and weak sides and its place in the modern system of education and its future perspectives. The student should summarize the paper professionally and evaluate the importance of inclusive education objectively.

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