Term Paper on Industrial Relations

Paper on Industrial Relations:

Industrial relations is a complicated discipline which studies the problems and principles of employment. Industrial relations can be called one of the most disturbing problems nowadays, because everyone wants to receive high wages and work little. The problem of the industrial relations began after the process of the industrial revolution, when the structure and manner of the human resource management changed. People started to have the stable work, stable working hours and wages. Of course, years ago the problem of employment was much more serious, because the employers of that time exploited the employees and set low wages and extremely long working hours. Since that time, numerous organizations and moving aimed at the improvement of the process of the human resource management and employment, because the employers demanded too much but gave little. Industrial relations study the processes of employment, social aspects of labour, political science in general in order to explain the principles and structure of these processes and find out about the possible solutions to the problems which can occur in this field.

Of course, the number of problems is very high and the discipline studies everything in detail.

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Furthermore, industrial relations touch upon the ethical side of employment and unfair exploitation of the unprotected employees and the whole process of production. The current situation with industrial relations is quite problematic, because the sphere requires reforms to satisfy the needs of employers and employees.

Industrial relations are very important nowadays, because the world is based on the hired labour force and it is important to control the force or the human resource professionally in order to satisfy its requirements and demands. The discipline is related with political science, business, management and economics and is surely worth attention. If a student has chosen to research the problem of industrial relations, he will have to read about the problem a lot and improve his knowledge about it. An industrial relations term paper is expected to present the problem in detail and touch upon every important aspect of the problem. Inasmuch the topic is an important part of other disciplines, the student should illustrate these connections on the direct examples and summarize the problem of the industrial relations professionally.

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