Term Paper on Logistics

Term Paper:

Logistics is the science which is aimed at the organization of the reasonable process of transportation of goods and services from the companies which produce them to consumers.

Besides, it is a sphere of circulation of production, goods and services, the management of this sphere and the creation of the appropriate production transportation infrastructure. There is also a more broad definition of the term which means the study about the planning, management and control of the transportation of the material, informational and financial resources in different systems. From the point of view of management logistics is the strategic management of the material values in the process of supply: purchase, transportation, trade and keeping of the material, details and the readymade inventory (technique, etc.).

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The term also includes management of the informational and financial sources. The science studies the logical and reasonable ways of production, transportation and trade of goods and services. The term of logistics comes from the military service and at first it meant weapon supply.

Today there are many types of logistics which serve for different spheres and purposes. First of all it is business logistics which consists of a great number of logistics of the lower level, for example, distribution logistics, production logistics, disposal and reverse logistics, etc.

Logistics is an extremely important factor which influences the success of business, because the speed and the quality of the transportation of the materials, goods and services influence the financial circulation of the company. The higher circulation, the higher profit the company receives.

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Moreover, one will need to define the types of logistics, the advantages and disadvantages of the science and distinguish the problem it faces. A student should describe the methodology of the science and answer to all the important questions related to logistics. It is important to summarize the paper and define the role of logistics in all the spheres of human life.

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