Term Paper on Measurement of Screw Threads

of Screw Threads Term Paper:

A screw thread is a helical groove on a cylindrical or conical surface of an object. In the broader meaning threads are equally spaced protrusions and hollows of constant cross section, which are formed on the side cylindrical or conical surface in a spiral of constant pitch. Screw thread is supposed to be a great invention, because this type of fastening holds two or more objects together firmly and prevents sliding in the point of fastening.

A screw is the type of the nail, but the effectiveness of the first is improved with a thread. The thread can be cut clockwise and anticlockwise which influences the way and the order of its screwing. Since the 19th century the manufacturers of screw threads have been trying to make the common standards of threads in order to enable users mix screws and nuts of different manufacturers and this mixture would not reduce the quality of the fastening.

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The process of standardization lasts even today, because the manufacturers have not reached the consensus in this issue. Every thread has its own characteristics which can be measured easily and every type of the thread is used for different purposes. So, there are threads of different forms (there are more than 6 most frequently met ones) and it is important to use the right nut for them. The thread pitch can be measured with the help of a calliper; the major diameter – by micrometer; the pitch diameter – by comparator; the minor diameter – by micrometer. The hand of the thread can be calculated in the optical way. All these calculations are important for the right choice of the screw thread for the improvement of the effectiveness of the fastening of the chosen objects.

The issue on measurement of screw threads is quite useful for the student involved in engineering and practical work, so he is supposed to work out vast amounts of literature about screw threads, their origin, the history of their improvement, the process of their standardization and the approaches to their measurements. One should focus on the major components of the thread in order to discover everything what can be measured in the screw. Finally, one should define what types of threads are used for the peculiar types of fastening and other purposes.

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