Term Paper on Migration

Term Paper:

Migration is an extremely broad term and it is generally associated with the movement of people and other live organisms form one place of living to another. Speaking about the wildlife, migration is the natural phenomenon, which is characterized with the necessity of the certain species of animals to move periodically from one place to another. This type of migration is called seasonal, because it occurs every year at the particular time. Of course, there are cases when animals have to move somewhere because their ‘native’ area has remained without food.

There are much more reasons of the human migration and numerous sciences like sociology, political sciences, economics, etc pay attention to this process analyzing its cause and effect. People never move seasonally, it is behind the human nature, which strives to the stable place of living. So, migration is caused by the economic problems, political issues, natural disasters, personal preferences, etc.

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Economic factors are quite obvious. If the person is dissatisfied with the economic situation in the country which does not let an individual to develop and provide him with everything essential for life, the only way out is to move to the more favourable place. Political problems are generally associated with the military conflicts and inadequate policy of the country. People who refuse to become the victims of the conflict move to the more developed countries to survive.

Nowadays, the problem of natural disasters has become urgent and very often under the effect of an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, etc people lose their homes and have to look for the new ones.

The issue of migration is quite controversial and has its opponents. Today millions of people of the developing countries move to the developed ones and cause serious problems there. They become the burden for the developed countries and cause overpopulation and crisis there. The student who is investigating the topic should dwell on these and other aspects of migration and observe the problem from all possible sides. The student is supposed to learn about the pluses and minuses of migration, its cause and effect and suggest the possible ways out of the existing problem which can regulate illegal immigration and other related issues.

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