Term Paper on Nanotechnology

Term Paper:

Nanotechnology is one of the most perspective spheres of human science and engineering, because it enables people create very small devices which use less energy, resources and materials to produce them, and can do enormous work instead of people. Nanotechnology is the most important branch of technology, because the humanity strives to achieve maximum using small amount of resources. The idea is associated with minimalism. Top-developed countries spend billions of dollars every year on the development of nanotechnology and improvement of its quality and abilities.

Nanotechnology is widely used in the range of spheres, starting from computers, finishing with medicine and space technologies. Today nanotechnologies are being researched and improved in order to use them in medicine in treatment of various diseases and complications.

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Nanotechnologies will create a considerable contribution into the treatment of heart and lung diseases. In spite of being used for positive purposes, nanotechnologies are used actively for the military needs.

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