Term Paper on Pay Calculation of an Employee

Calculation of an Employee Term Paper:

The main aim of employee’s work is his salary, so it is very important to calculate the sum of the paid money to the employee correctly. Evidently, it is not easy to calculate pay of an employee, because the sum depends on many factors. First of all, there is a factor of the working hours. The more one works, the more one is supposed to be paid. Next, the pay depends on the type of the work, because if the work is difficult, the employee expects to receive more. Finally, there is an important aspect of the payment for the quality of work. If an employee has made certain mistakes, which caused harm to the company, he will probably receive less that time and on the contrary, if he succeeds, there is a chance for promotion. Payment is given to employees periodically.

Generally, the salary of a common employee is counted per year. The year is divided in shorter periods, for example months, weeks, days.

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Commonly, employees receive salary twice a month; of course, there are cases when people are paid weekly. When the working hours and the quantity of work is counted, that is not all, because one should also calculate the financial abilities of the company (how much money is spent for the further production, for taxes, energy and then for the salary). It is obvious that the salary of an employee includes the money on taxes, energy, etc. and he receives a bit less than he has been promised. Finally, when an employee has a few week vacations, he generally receives money for this rest.

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