Term Paper on Poverty in Pakistan

in Pakistan Term Paper:

Poverty is a serious problem of the human civilization and frankly speaking the problem can not be solved, because people have always been divided into the rich and the poor. Pakistan is not an exception. Moreover, the country is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world and there are many factors predetermining this fact. It is known that the third part of the population of the country lives in the complete poverty having the daily income no more than only one dollar. The main reasons of poverty are the unfavorable political situation of the region, geographical position and climate of the country and the lack of the skillful sensible government. Because of the constant military conflicts with neighbor countries, like Afghanistan, the country is always exhausted and simply can not find its way of development. Then, naturally, the population of villages is poorer than people who live in cities.

Historically, the majority of people of Pakistan are involved into agriculture, so their poverty is explained. The development of agriculture is disturbed by the unfavorable climate and frequent natural disasters like draughts, enormous heat and constant lack of water for melioration caused by the careless human activity. Because of the development of industry the growing rates of pollution and deforestation are observed. Finally, the lack of governing and the impact of the global financial crisis cause the greatest impact on the poverty of the country.

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A successful poverty in Pakistan term paper is expected to clear up a range of questions about the reasons of poverty in the region and possible methods of the solution of this serious problem. Students who have decided to research this problem will need to work out vast amounts of sources to find the truth about the factors which are the result of the complete poverty in Pakistan. One should analyze the problem from all sides and pay attention to all possible factors, starting from the political and economical and finishing with the climate of the country. When the factors are analyzed, students will be able to weigh the problem soberly and will brainstorm the right conclusions and methods which will defeat the problem of poverty effectively.

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