Term Paper on Prohibition

Term Paper:

Prohibition is the legal act which prohibits sale and consumption of the beverages which contain ethanol or in the simple words alcoholic beverages. Of course, the use of ethanol is permitted for the industrial purposes, healthcare and scientific purposes. Prohibition of alcohol is quite an old practice and it was applied even more than 2000 years ago in China, because the emperor wanted to protect the people from the harmful impact of alcohol, especially the army.

Prohibition was used nearly in every country of the world in different times, but it was evident that the use of such an act is poor, because if the person wants to consume alcohol, she would find it everywhere and the best way to make people stop consuming alcohol is the information about its impact of the human health. The US practised prohibition several times for the different purposes.

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The first act was connected with the colonial period which is associated with the heavy drinking. The colonists consumed too much alcohol and it made the situation in the colonies unfavourable and out of control. Other countries, mostly the European ones applied prohibition because of the incidents with the alcohol beverages, which were of poor quality. Some countries apply the act of prohibition because of their traditions and religious views. Generally, prohibition has advantages and disadvantages. The positive sides of prohibition are the protection for early alcohol consumption. Children do not see the alcoholic beverages and as a result do not consume them.

The negative side of prohibition is the reduction of the finance in the state budget in the form of taxes collected from the manufacturers of the alcoholic beverages. In addition, the act also provokes the development of the black markets where alcohol is sold for the expensive prices illegally.

Prohibition is the country’s decision aimed to reduce the consumption of the alcoholic drinks with the legal acts. The student who has decided to prepare prohibition term paper is supposed to explain the purpose of the act, the positive and the negative sides of prohibition and the methods which help to put the law into practice. It is natural that one should define the cause and effect of such an act and evaluate its effectiveness for the society. In addition it is possible to provide the teacher with the direct examples of prohibition from the world history.

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