Term Paper on RH Bill

Bill Term Paper:

Reproductive Health Bill proposed in Philippines is the bill which is planned to control the birth rates in the country and reduce the cases of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transferred diseases there. The bill has got a lot of positive and negative sides. Evidently, the bill is a good solution for a range of problems which the humanity faces, for example, the problem of overpopulation. Overpopulation causes such problems as poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc.

Children who grow in large poor families will not probably have future, because their families will not have money for their education and feeding. Then, when the country is overpopulated, the problem of unemployment appears and young people start to suffer from it being unable to change something and support their living.

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Next, young people are not aware of the existence of numerous diseases transmitted sexually, so the bill is the advantage which will change the situation for the better informing them about it. Much money is going to be paid for the spread of information about sex, its consequences and diseases among young people. Finally, much money will be devoted to supply young people with contraception, so that the means of birth control. On the other hand, the bill is severely criticized by the religious organizations which claim that that the bill is going to destroy the population of the country and spread the immoral values among the youth. Although the bill is criticized by the majority, but it will improve health of people and will help them create the ideal planned families.

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