Term Paper on the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall Term Paper:

The Berlin Wall is the complex of isolating constructions which were built in 1961 under the command of the USSR. The wall divided Berlin into the western and eastern parts, both of which belonged to the different political blocs: The Eastern and the Western; no wonder, the Berlin Wall was the main symbol of the Cold War which divided the world which was close to the nuclear world war. The USSR called the wall the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart, which served to protect the Eastern countries from the effect of the Western civilization and its values. Evidently, thousands of people wanted to escape from Eastern Berlin and cross the wall, but everyone who made such an attempt was killed by the soldiers. The Berlin Wall existed till 1989 and during the 28 years of its existence it changed the image of the city considerably. Even now there is a difference between the eastern and the western part of the city and the condition of its citizens.

The Berlin Wall was ruined due to the first attempts of the executives of the Soviet Union to introduce democratic changes into its politics. Furthermore, the Eastern bloc was already too weak to control the occupied countries and it was the green light for such countries as Czechoslovakia and Hungary to start protesting against the impact of the USSR. Nowadays, the Berlin Wall is ruined but there is a monument which commemorates all the victims of the wall and its parts have been sold in numerous auctions to the ones who wanted to purchase these pieces of the German history.

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The Berlin Wall is one of the symbols of the 20th century which was at the risk of the third world war. In order to investigate the problem on the Berlin Wall the student will have to read about the topic a lot and get to know about the historical background of this problem. The Berlin Wall term paper should contain objective, up-to-date and interesting information about this isolating construction, its purpose, impact on the human society and the related problems associated with it.

The student is expected to analyze the issues of the Berlin Wall from all sides and evaluate its importance from the political, economic, social, psychological and historical point of view.

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