Term Paper on Violence against Women

against Women Term Paper:

Violence against women is the type of the violence which is characterized with the physical, sexual and psychological abuse of a person on the basis of her gender. The history of violence against women is very long and dramatic. For more than two thousand years women did not have any rights and had only the limited functions like household duties and giving birth to children.

Moreover, women have always been treated negatively by men because the latter treated them like simple things but not like the equal human beings. Women abuse is also a part of the culture of some nations.

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In Asia and Muslim countries women still do not possess the whole set of rights owned by men and women abuse is still popular there. If a woman in Africa or Asia does something disrespectful, she can be killed easily and the husband will not be punished for it. The most common type of violence against women is the marriage without the agreement of a woman to it. Every year thousands of hundreds women get married in such a way ruining their lives. Speaking about the Western civilization, violence against women has never been a part of the culture. Today, there are such forms of women abuse: domestic violence, cultural violence, violence caused by the activity of the governmental forces and military conflicts. Evidently, domestic violence is extremely common all over the world and very seldom women are protected by someone in such cases.

Violence against women is still an important and stressful problem in the world, because women are still treated with prejudice at work and at home. In order to understand the whole problem of violence against women and prepare a good term paper on it, a student will have to devote much time and efforts to the writing process. A good term paper is supposed to contain much reliable information about the history of the gender relations and the role of a woman in the society. One should focus on the types of violence against women and explain every type providing trustworthy facts which support his idea.

In the end a student has to summarize the importance of the problem and present a few methods and tips which can solve this problem and make the paper thought provoking.

The process of term paper writing can cause some troubles and students will need to apply for help in the web. There are free sample term papers on violence against women prepared by the professional writers, who are the experts in their field. If one reads these free example term papers on violence against women, he will be able to construct his own paper on the basis of the writer’s experience and knowledge.