Term Paper on Volcanoes

Paper on Volcanoes:

A volcano is a geological phenomenon on the surface of the crust of Earth and any other planet where magma reaches the surface producing lava, volcanic gases, volcanic bombs and pyroclastic flows. The word ‘volcano’ derives from the name of the ancient Roman god of fire Vulcan. The science which studies volcanoes, their activity, cause and effect is called volcanology.

Volcanoes are classified according to the shape (thyroid, stratovolcanoes, cinder cones, domes), activity (active, dormant, extinct), location (surface, underwater, subglacial) and others. Volcanoes are divided into active, dormant and extinct according to the level of their activity. The active volcano is the one which erupted in the historical period (the human civilization observed the eruption and registered it).

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The dormant volcano is the one which has certain possibility of further activity but now it is ‘sleeping’. Finally, the extinct volcano has a very slight chance for the further activity and is considered to be ‘safe’. In fact, scientists do not have the single theory which helps to define that the volcano is active. It is obvious that volcanoes are extremely dangerous natural phenomena which can cause serious and devastating damage to the environment and the human settlements.

The history has registered a great number of harmful volcanic eruptions which destroyed the entire settlements and killed thousands of people. Although, volcanoes are supposed to be extremely dangerous phenomena, in the meantime they played the active part in the origin of life on Earth, as every eruption releases carbon dioxide and water vapour which are the basis of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, essential for life.

Volcanoes are the interesting natural phenomena which are worth attention. The student who has chosen to research the topic on volcanoes is supposed to collect much information about the problem and reveal it from all sides. A well-structured volcanoes term paper explains the origin of volcanoes, classifies volcanoes according to the various criteria into certain types, defines the danger of volcanoes and presents their role on the planet. The student should pay attention to the geographical, geological, environmental, social, cultural and other aspects in the research of volcanoes, because they are not only the natural disasters but the part of the human culture, especially of the ancient world.

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