Term Paper on Water Pollution

Pollution Term Paper:

Water pollution is the process of contamination and littering of water resources. Water is the most valuable resource on the planet because it supports life of every organism. A human being is mostly composed of water, that is why the value of water is clearly obvious – without pure water we simply will not be able to survive. Unfortunately, people do not realize the necessity of protection of water resources, because they believe the amount of pure water is so great that it can not be exhausted. Evidently, only a small percent of the world’s water is considered to be good for drinking, because the water in the seas and oceans can be used only for industry. The water from rivers and lakes was generally believed to be good for drinking, but today it is too dirty even to swim there.

The water is used for different purposes, mostly for industry and agriculture. Factories, plants and power stations use clean water from the river and then pour the dirty water back. As a result most of the industrial wastes are poured and thrown into the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans making water dirty and dangerous for life. As a result today there is a problem of shortage of pure water, because water pollution has become a global disaster. Some areas do not have clean water anymore and have to pay much to transport it from other regions of the world.

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The global community wants to cope with the problem by all means but unfortunately the process requires time, money and general cooperation. In order to solve the problem people from all over the world should understand the value of water and do something to change the situation for the better. A well-organized term paper on the problem should be interesting, informative and convincing. One should research the cause and effect of the problem, the factors, which pollute water and analyze the ways and methods used to reduce the problem in different countries. On the basis of this research one should convince the reader in the importance of the problem and offer effective solutions. One can offer interesting techniques and methods which will be effective to purify water in the whole world.

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