The Bean Trees – Term Paper

Barbara Kingsolver is the author of the classical model, The Bean Trees. It is an engrossing and charming tale of a native from rural Kentucky who is also the protagonist of the novel, Taylor Greer. She opts to avoid getting pregnancy by getting away from her roots. She prospers nevertheless, becomes heir to an Indian – American infant girl namely Turtle with whom they move to Tucson, Arizona from Oklahoma, semi-Cherokee Taylor and her custody turn on a new leaf in life in the West. The Novel is written with pathos and humor and highly praised as it focuses on themes of abandonment, friendship and love and belonging since Taylor seemingly out of options and money is forced to live in dusty Tucson and commences working at Jesus is Lord Used Tires while trying to make a life for the Turtle and herself. Barbara Kingsolvers literary career is remarkably attributed to this novel as it hails her striking clear dialogue and imagery as outlined by the themes from the book (Kingsolver et al. 2001).

Analysis of Themes

The Bean Tree reflects the rot that thrives in the contemporary society that we live. (Thematic issue of Love vs. Evil) It gives first-hand examples of inhumane conditions that blossom amongst people of the same origin. Esperanza and Estevan have possibly lived the worst life; not only was their child taken away, but they were also tortured. Turtle has also had a challenging life having been abused and molested at a tender age. People can be cruel to their fellow beings as cruelty spreads across all ages. Families such as the Hardbines have experienced cruelty. Nonetheless, the family of Taylor remains high and soldiers on. The wealthier classmates have expressed vindictiveness verbally towards her though she hasnt been hurt physically. Love does neutralize unkindness in an excellent manner by covering the miserable melted on other people. For instance, Turtle agonizes the disappointment to thrive for the reason that Through an environment of emotional and physical deprivation, a child has a distorted growth (Kingsolver et al., 2001) (Pg. 129). However, once there is a loving mother figure in the bracket, the condition vanishes. Living through abuse can be daunting but people novelty happiness eventually though the trauma leaves behind scars. Esperanza and Estevan cannot recover from their childs loss. However, Mattie, Taylor, and others aid them in growing a new life in a new place for them. Taylor doesnt consider this an extraordinary act judging from her lamentations, if I witness a truck was going to hit someone, I will pull them out of the way. Wouldnt anyone? (Pg.198). Unfortunately, a lot of people would not make a majority of these characters prone to extraordinary cruelty. Conversely, by helping one another and coming together, right people mitigate the effects of violence and cruelty.

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Any group that supports one another forms the family basis. The Tree Bean analyzes both the traditional and modern family setting, for instance, when Taylor gets unconditional support from Alice even though the family lacks a father figure making Taylor annotate I was fortunate technically (Pg. 9). The most fortunate situation that could happen to us is having someone to call a mother and father figure in our lives. The book, however, demystifies this myth by arguing that this isnt the most important arrangement and that all sorts of ways can build a family (Kingsolver et al. 2001). The way people help one another defines a family. Taylor is made aware that Mattie has something close to grandchildren (Pg. 46) since the families helped by her ultimately develop as part of her life. Turtle is taken in by Taylor and is given proper shelter. The government doesnt identify her claims that are legal to the youngster not until she has to pretend that a sanction exists having been orchestrated in a traditional family, hitherto love forms an actual family as opposed to one that the state defines (Kingsolver et al. 2001).

In conclusion, when one is part of the household, some rewards are associated with it as outlined by Kingsolver in her book, The Bean Tree. Taylor had initially turned down the idea of flattering in extended families; she ultimately clinches to it. As she narrates to Estevan, The first half of my life has been spent avoiding tires and motherhood, and they add up to my countless lists of blessings (Pg. 144). Ann Lou enjoys being in a family since it contributes so much to them. The reason that she has become part and parcel of the family of Angel more than him. When a family is formed together by the two women, it is easier for them to support their children and all of them (Kingsolver et al. 2001). The thematic analysis of love versus Evil and that of Family Ties is entirely outlined in the text. Each and every one of us desires to be loved at one point or another in life; love is unconditional and best fits where hatred thrives. It brings joy to those hurting and restores trust and friendliness among enemies. We are one family unified by love.


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