The Erie Canal – Term Paper

Porter describes the potential of Western New York and the Midwest as being diverse and enormous. He outlines the demographics of this region as being entirely industrialists and merchants. As such, they need raw materials for their industries and a market for their processed goods. The only way for this potential to be achieved is by opening a great navigable canal to allow the agriculturalists bring in raw materials for the industries and provide a ready market for the industrial goods.

Erie canal history

The Erie Canal shall promote the natural connection and intercourse between the farmer and the merchant who shall be of mutual benefit for both. It is, therefore, prudent to say that the feelings of Porter about these changes and benefits are sincere, honest and heartfelt. This is because he takes the time and has put his emotions into explaining the same to the House. He believes that these changes are not only important but practical.

There shall be improved infrastructure regarding easy and extensive communications facilities and good roads to facilitate movement of people and goods to the canal. Demographically, a new group of merchants shall arise to provide transport services and own the ships while there shall also be another one to broker the agricultural goods from the agriculturalists and goods from the industrialists. Likewise, shylocks to provide loans to the merchants shall sprout. Porters’ view that these changes are necessary is correct. He argues that these changes shall enhance the value of the remaining land to an almost inconceivable extent.

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Being a representative of the 21st District of Western New York state, his views would have been influenced from a personalized perspective. Despite the fact that the Erie Canal required enormous funding, that didn’t seem like a significant issue to him for the fact that the immediate beneficiaries are his constituents whom he represented. Porter’s constituents would be happy with the changes that would be brought along by the construction of the Erie Canal. This is because he has been conversant with their interests.