The Expected Outcome of an Invent – Term Paper

Question 1

The law of large numbers state that in a sequence of random events that are repeated, the average of the expected outcome will converge to the expected value which is 50 percent. Thus, in this case the expected value is 50 percent. Thus, the law of large number is applicable.  .

Question 3

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In this case we have a thousand tosses which confers with the law of large numbers because the sample size increases to an even number and the expected outcome is equal which provides a 50-50 chance.

Question 5


Question 7

The theoretical probability is the expected outcome of an invent, while the experimental probability is the outcome after an event. For instance, when a coin is tossed 10 times the expected number of outcomes is usually the same because a coin has a fair chance. However, after the ten tosses the number of heads can be more than the number of tails.

Question 9

Theoretical probability: 11/24 or 0.46

Experimental probability: 3/8 or 0.38

Question 11 Theoretical probability: 5/12 or 0.42

Experimental probability: 5/12 or 0.42

Question 13

Theoretical probability: 13/24 or 0.54

Experimental Probability: 15/24 or 0.63

Question 19

Theoretical probability: 3/25 or 0.12

Experimental Probability: 7/25 or 0.28

Question 20

Theoretical probability: 3/25 or 0.12

Experimental probability: 13/50 0.26