The presence of human being

The presence of human being is no new invention but identifying them as resource in a more formal way has been made in recent days. The history of HARM can be characterized as moving through four broad phases as craft system, scientific management system, the human resource relation approach, and the current organizational science such as human resource approach. 2. The training in craft skills was organized to maintain an educate supply of craft workers and started in Egypt and Babylon from the earliest times. By the 13th century craft training become popular in Western Europe.

Craft guilds upraised quality and methods of production and regulated conditions of employment for each occupation. The basis of scientific management is that there is one best way to do a job. The best way will be the most efficient and therefore the fastest and least expensive. The founder of this new field of scientific management was an American mechanical engineer, Frederick W. Taylor (1 856 – 1915). The discovery of the Hawthorne, an western electrics plant in Chicago effect led to further research on the social factors associated with work.

Results of this studies led to the human relations movement with TTS emphasis on the fact that employees need to be understood in order to be satisfied and productive. Finally the organizational science approach focuses more on the total organization and less on just the individual. HARM, as we currently know it, grew out of the organizational science trend and combines learning from the previous movement with current research in the behavioral sciences. 3. The study of this paper focus on how the human resource is practiced in Square pharmaceuticals Limited.

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Square pharmaceuticals Limited is one Of the leading companies in the country in producing medicine and other related products. The company was first established as partnership firm in 1958. It was then incorporated as a private limited company under company act 1913 on November 10, 1964. On December 1994, it was converted into a public limited company and offered its share to the public with the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Presently the company has a separate division to operate modern basic chemical factory and produces basic chemical products.

It also has an Agro Vet division producing Agro Vet products. Background of the study 4. The Study is conducted with a view to submit a term paper on the topic as part of Strategic Human Resource Management Course. A proposal was presented on the topic and the instructor accepted it. Thereafter, the group started working and the result is this report. Objectives of the study 5. The objectives of the study is to identify the following fields of HARM and relate them with the current practices in SSP : a. Brief history of the organization. B. Human Resource vision and strategy. . Human Resource planning. D.

Acquiring Human Resources. E. Building performance. F. Rewarding employees. G. Maintaining Human Resources. H. Managing multi-national HARM. I. Making the change to Strategic HARM. Scope of the study 6. The study was restricted within a single pharmaceuticals company with emphasis on Human Resource management planned and practiced in company headquarter. Methodology 7. The study followed a certain method to collect data and analyze the Human Resource Management practices Of the company: a. Overall Approach. Our analysis is a combination of both current and literature survey with a special emphasis of proceeding. . Data Source. The study worked with both primary and secondary data. Personal survey, Questioners and interviews and secondary data by literature river collected primary data. C. Data Analysis. Data collected from the company was compared with the theoretical part learned during the course. After comparison a reasonable conclusion is drawn through analysis and evaluation. D. Report Writing. The group as assigned with the task to prepare this paper visited the SSP, collected necessary information through interviews and journals.

Finally the paper was prepared after detail analysis of the current practices and relates them with the teaching of the course. Limitations. 8. During the study the group faced the following difficulties: Since specific human resource management practices a sensitive issue for the company, it was difficult to extract the expected information and data as per our requirement. Presently reviewing the training and recruitment policy for the incoming year limited our collecting information sometimes. Sequence. 9. The paper has been prepared in the following sequence: General Information and history of the organization.

Organ gram of the company. Strategic Management of Human Resource Human Resource Planning Acquiring human resources Building individual and organizational performance Rewarding employees Maintaining human resources Managing multinational HARM Making the change to strategic HARM Identify weaknesses and suggest measures General Information and History of the Organization 10. SSP was the first company in the country to manufacture and market Intermediation , McClain and Catecholamine. It is also a pioneer company to experimentation’s and other ethical drugs overseas.

It developed sustained release technology locally and achieves and all time industry high record sells turnover of US $ 25 million. It was first to produce highlight Mattered Dozed Inhalation (MDI) formulations and Decisional sodium in the chemical division locally. Moreover, SSP has the most modern and sophisticated incapable production unit and an organized and largest field forces of medical representatives, as well as a spectacular number of professionals in production, quality assurance, marketing and human resource department.