The Design Of A New Health Magazine


This essay focuses on providing a brief synopsis of the idea of a new magazine that would be established on the topic of health. The idea is to establish on the factors that can attract the readers and meet the standards of top magazines. The idea of the magazine achieves the goal to create it with quality and provides accessible and useful information related to all the aspects of human health. From the design to the content, the magazine presents all the factors to make it successful and influencer at the same time. This essay presents the factors that can help to make the magazine to achieve its goals. Therefore, these factors are given explained below.

Keywords: social issues, health issues, social injustice, information and knowledge.

Purpose Of The Magazine

Magazines are the source of information and knowledge for those who use to read it. The main purpose of establishing the magazine is undoubtedly the need for knowledge and information for readers about health. The goal is to spread the knowledge about social justice in the society focusing on health-related issues in the society. Health is the basic need of humans but lack of education it is considered last in the list of necessities. The magazine’s design should be simple and easy to understand that helps to achieve the purpose. There are various health issues in our society which are increasing day by day. The effective and genuine steps should be taken to resolve this issue. Therefore, the knowledge mediums should be established to minimize the social issues. The main purpose of the magazine is to transfer the content related health that can reduce the social injustice; it has to be relevant and effective. This purpose is the need of time and in general, it is appropriate to say that the magazine comes at the right time with a right purpose.

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The Targeted Readers Of The Magazine

The targeted readers of the magazine will absolutely comprise of the people who are interested in the general topic of social injustice that revolved around the health-related issues. The magazine will focus to motivate the targeted readers about health and the various injustices that can highlight health and health-related issues. For design literate readers, the magazine has to invest in its design that can attract the targeted readers (Honeywill and Carpenter). The example of these health-related issues can be the rape cases and defilement of young children and minors. These topics carry social injustice regarding health. These issues are also susceptible that’s why the relevancy of the content should be assured. The targeted readers are those who can be motivated regarding social injustice with health issues and can contribute to the society after gaining enough knowledge of the general topic. Hence, the targeted readers can be motivational speakers in the health-related topics and the students who are studying courses related to health or injustice in society.

Understanding About The Readership Of The Magazine

The primary objective of the magazine is to spread knowledge and relevant information related to the topic of social injustice with health factors. The idea of the magazine’s design should underlie the elements that include the social injustice. The idea of the magazine’s design should be focused on the fact that the content will affect the readers in many ways. Therefore, the magazine aims to present a detailed analysis of the above-mentioned topics. With all these factors, readers will be able to get enough knowledge and information related to the issues of social injustices of rape cases, defilements of minors, and its effects on the health and society. In the magazine, ethical and moral issues have also been discussed because these factors are also very important for readers to look at its situations and circumstances in a society. The magazine will also educate the readers about how to behave and react on the health and social issues around them.

The readership can be increased by offering valuable insight about topics with basic information on principles before delving more deeply into the theory of the content; it is also a strategy to grow business (Graver and Jura).

Layout Of The Magazine

The layout of the magazine includes all the main aspects of the magazine. The layout should be able to present a detailed scope of the relevant topic and also that the readers will able to easily absorb the provided data that is acceptable and relevant to them. The magazine will also give the general preview about the related topics. Some nonrelated topics will also mention to created interest but those should be related to the sensitivity of the general topic. The magazine will be of a very good use as it will provide information, education, benefits, and effects of the issues. The magazine should have an introduction section to present the overview of the topic, the reporter section, the columns section that will feature three to five articles, and an attractive cover page that showcase the aim, goal, and purpose of the magazine at the same time (Jake, S.).

Selection Of The Images

The section of the images to put in the magazine with different articles is not an easy task because images capture the readers’ first then content. In the magazine, the selection of the images should be based and relevant to the content and the point of view of the different dedicated writers. The images should be related to the case that would be mention in the magazine and authentic as these images may be of ladies who are raped and children who represent minors and bear the injustice in the society. These images are aimed to arouse pity feeling from the different readers and explore the sensitivity of the situation.


This essay concludes that the magazine will be a hit if it follows the factors mentioned above. It explains the expectation of the society that what our situation and needs of knowledge. The right mean is needed to educate people about their health and the issues that are growing in our society related to health. By following the above factors can increase the chances that the magazine will be successful. The idea of the magazine is brilliant and can provide the popper amount of knowledge and information to people about health issues that connect with social injustice.

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