Term Paper on Shakespeare

Shakespeare Term Paper:

William Shakespeare is the greatest English playwright and poet and one of the prominent playwrights of the whole world. Nearly everybody knows the titles of his famous tragedies, which are played in theaters all over the world: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliette, King Lear, Macbeth, Othello, etc. The writer has completed a set of world-famous tragedies, comedies, historical chronicles and sonnets, which fascinate readers of all ages. Every work of Shakespeare is a masterpiece and is considered to be the ideal work of the genre. When one speaks about theater, the first person which appears in mind is William Shakespeare, who being an actor and a playwright managed to create the immortal masterpieces whose quality can not be overestimated. The works of Shakespeare touch upon the most serious questions and problems which have always disturbed people: love, hate, wealth, friendship, selfishness, greediness, devotedness, family relations, politics, etc.

The tragedies written by Shakespeare can be called the philosophical ones, because try to answer all the mentioned questions and find the sense of life. Everybody knows the famous citation of Hamlet: ‘To be or not to be…’ which is considered the most powerful words in literature where the character is looking for the answer for the essential question interesting for people. Like every writer William Shakespeare created his works during the certain periods. For example the first period of his activity is supposed to be the merry one, as he wrote his comedies at that period believing in the goodness of the world. On the contrary, the last periods were the pessimistic ones, and enabled him to write his best tragedies.

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Many scholars who have devoted their lives to the research of the world literature have the idea that William Shakespeare did not exist at all or that his masterpieces were written by somebody else. Nevertheless, the mysterious personality of William Shakespeare continues to attract readers from all countries and all ages and his tragedies and comedies are still the most frequently performed at all theatres of the world. In order to prepare a good term paper on William Shakespeare one will need to read about the personality in high-quality sources and read at least some of his works to be able to value the power and quality of his tragedies and realize their importance for the world literature.

It is necessary to read the articles of different scholars who reveal the personality of Shakespeare and present his biography and his contribution into the literature to collect enough data for the research. Moreover, one will need to read free example term papers on Shakespeare to improve his knowledge on the problem. A well-organized free sample term paper on William Shakespeare will teach students to format and compose their papers according to the required standards of writing, so it is quite an important help for everyone.