Term Paper on Macbeth

Term Paper:

Macbeth is one of the most famous and successful tragedies written by William Shakespeare. The great playwright completed this tragedy being already quite experienced and contributed the whole his talent, wisdom and skills into the process of writing. Macbeth is considered to be the most powerful work of Shakespeare, because it touches upon the most important problems which have always bothered the humanity. Moreover, the plot of the tragedy also attracts much attention being quite interesting and urgent even today. The action takes place in Scotland and the main character is Macbeth – the Scottish Thane and general who managed to defeat the troops of Ireland and Norway. On his way home from the battlefield, Macbeth and Banquo, who was the second general, met three witches who shared their predictions which the generals. Macbeth was told that he would become the King of Scotland which impressed him greatly.

Macbeth introduced the witches’ prediction to his wife and she suggested murdering the king to give her husband the way to the crown. The tragedy includes scenes of crime, selfishness, lying, treason, etc and all these negative actions and traits of character are the result of the desire to possess unlimited power. Macbeth is ready to kill to become a king and he tries to keep the throne by all means. His ambitions are higher than his moral values. Shakespeare represented witches in the tragedy to show the supernatural forces of doom and evil, which can control people introducing chaos in their heads. No wonder, in Shakespearian times the tragedy was surrounded by prejudice, because of the evil represented by the witches.

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Being one of the most well-known tragedies by William Shakespeare, Macbeth has always been a popular character among painters and people of art. A great number of screen versions were shot all over the world and the play remains one of the most popular at every prestigious theatre. A good term paper on Macbeth is a scrupulous and detailed analysis of the tragedy. One should not dwell on the simple presentation of the plot of the tragedy, it is enough to introduce its brief summary and focus on its key problems. A student should weigh the importance of the tragedy for the world literature and prove his point of view with the direct evidence from the text and critics of the famous scholars.

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