Term Paper on Othello

Term Paper:

Othello is one of the most famous tragedies of William Shakespeare, the greatest English playwright. In order to prepare the Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice Shakespeare read a lot and borrows the theme and problems from everywhere: the ancient chronicles, novellas and stories of the sailors. Othello was a Moor. All the Muslims, Arabians who lived in Spain and North Africa were called Moors in medieval Western Europe. Moors were the perfect warriors and sailors, no wonder, the main character, Othello, was a famous chief commander of the Venetian army.

Traditionally, the whole problem in the tragedy appears because of the love affair. Desdemona, the daughter of the respected senator falls in love with Othello and they get married secretly. When her father learns about this action, he can not believe that his daughter has chosen such a husband herself. Nevertheless, Desdemona proves that she has chosen Othello herself being attracted by his exotic appearance and character.

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Being a beautiful woman Desdemona is quite popular among men. No wonder, there is a conspiracy between Iago, who was Othello’s helper, and the nobleman Roderigo. They want to get rid of Othello and deprive him of Desdemona. The conspiracy was not successful and misinformed Othello tries to kill Desdemona thinking that she betrayed him. Fortunately, he is stopped on time and he kills himself. The main problems of tragedy of Othello are envy, betrayal, lack of faith and of course love.

If a student wants to cope with the term paper successfully, he will need to read the tragedy attentively to understand its plot, find the problems presented there and to absorb the whole text and the language of Shakespeare. Moreover, one should read the critic articles of the famous writers and experts in this field who have analyzed the character of Othello and the whole tragedy.

A student is supposed to present a brief summary of the plot, the list of the main characters and description of the qualities of every character, concentrating the key attention on Othello. One should define all the themes and problems raised by Shakespeare in the text and analyze them professionally. Finally, a student should value the importance of the tragedy in the world literature and the art of theater.

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