The Merchant of Venice Term Paper

Paper on The Merchant of Venice:

The Merchant of Venice is one of the most famous plays of William Shakespeare written approximately in 1596. Primarily, the play was introduced as a comedy but the tragedy of the main character made the play sound life drama. The first night of the play took place in 1598 and was a total success; later in 1600 the drama was printed for the general public. The plot of the play is quite simple. The act takes place in Venice and starts with the decision of the young man Bassanio to get married with the rich young beauty Portia. Bassanio asks his close friend Antonio – the merchant of Venice for help. Antonio agreed to help his friend and borrowed money from a rich Jew and moneylender Shylock. Shylock agreed to lend the money but in order to be on the safe side he said that if Antonio did not give the money back by the deadline, he will take the pound of his flesh.

Bassanio was lucky enough to get married with Portia, but Antonio could not return the money back on time and Shylock started to defend his rights in the court. Of course he failed and was accused of cruelty and was deprived of the half of his wealth and was made to convert to Christianity. The play touches upon different problems, like friendship, credit, respect, anti-Semitism, but its main purpose was o present the image of an extremely greedy and evil person who respected money more than the human life. Furthermore, the topic of moneylenders is extremely popular in literature and the play can be compared to the other well-known books of different world-known writers.

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The Merchant of Venice is the well-known play by William Shakespeare and can be called the masterpiece of the world literature, because it illustrates numerous problems which can be observed even now. In order to research the play well, a student is supposed to read the play itself and use various secondary sources, like the articles and critics of the well-known writers and experts to can the problem of the text and analyze the plot effectively. One should touch upon the plot and reveal all the core problems mentioned in the text and make the detailed analysis of the characters on the play and their role in the text.

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